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Lace Wigs, Weaves & Braids

Lace Wigs, Weaves & Braids

Brazilian Hair

In the field of Brazilian Hair we sell Lace Wigs, Wigs, Closures, Frontals and Waves (per lane or bunch). Our Brazilian Hair is of top quality.
Brazilian hair is very popular in the hair industry because of its beautiful and sturdy structure. It is easy to handle and the styling options are endless. The hair is most commonly used for hair weaving. With Brazilian hair you can easily add more volume and length to your own hair.

Virgin Hair

The name of the hair refers to the fact that virgin hair is unprocessed hair. The hair is as natural as possible. The hair is not colored, permed or chemically treated. The hair is qualitatively better and can be used longer and gives a much more natural look

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian hair is a bit thicker in texture, it is lighter than other hair types and blends very well with your own hair.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is much thicker and less shiny than Brazilian hair. The hair is unprocessed hair.

Remy Hair

When Remy hairs are sorted, it means that all hair cuticles (of a hair bundle) lie in the same direction. As a result, the hair does not tangle quickly. In terms of quality, Indian hair is ideally suited for this Remy quality.
It is tied into a braid and then cut, ensuring that all hairs are in the same direction. The hair is beautifully full to perfection!

Human Hair

Human hair is non-Remy hair. Non-Remy hair (not Remy hair), unlike Remy hair, is collected from hairbrushes. The hairs are therefore not laid in the same direction. These hairs are chemically treated afterwards and can therefore be processed into extensions. However, they quickly become “blunt”, they tangle quickly and are therefore many times cheaper than Remy hair.
The hair is also chemically treated several times to make it look more beautiful, so that the quality deteriorates.
We sell the following brands in Human hair: Premium now, Sleek, New Look, Milky Way, Que, Dignity, Mermaid and many other brands

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is a synthetic fiber and should therefore not be processed with heat. Because it clots so quickly, you are not recommended to sleep with it. Synthetic hair can be used for about 2 weeks.
Of course there is also Synthetic hair of much better quality, this hair can withstand heat up to 160 degrees. The biggest advantage of synthetic hair is that it is very easy to maintain. The hair also stays in shape more easily
than real hair, so you don’t have to look after it as much.
However, the lifespan is much shorter.
The Synthetic hair that we offer are from the brands, Free Tress, Equal, Probel, Fashion Idol, Ashana, H-tools, Bobby boss, Cherish, Mermaid, X-pression and many more.


Hair extensions are strands of hair that have a transparent, invisible piece of wax that is attached to your own hair with the help of pliers. The extensions can be used to make the hair longer and fuller, or to cover a bald spot.


Would you really like to try out a different look without being tied to it or would you like a quick fix for your hair?
Perhaps a wig is a good solution!
Our range consists of different wigs such as Synthetic wigs, Human hair wigs and 100% human hair wigs with frontals also known as Lace Wigs

There are three types of Lace Wigs.
With a Lace Front Wig, only the front can be glued, the back then has the shape of a traditional wig. The Lace Front Wig is a good choice if you want to wear the hair loose.
A Full LaceWig covers the entire head (hair). With the Full Lace Wig you can put the hair up and style it the way you want.
A Lace Frontal is a hair piece that fills the front of the head hair.
This Lace Wig is intended to replenish hair that has broken off at the front and grows very difficult or no longer. With a Lace Frontal you can weave the back.
A Lace Wig is a semi-permanent hairpiece that, if properly made and placed, cannot be distinguished from real hair. A Lace Wig is the ideal method to supplement or replace your own hair. Or temporarily
have a completely different look!
The Lace Wig is made by hand from real human hair, on a base of very fine mesh, the cap. Each hair is individually knotted on the mesh.
Even up close, a Lace Wig therefore looks like your own hair. You can wear the Lace Wig for weeks in a row, in whatever cut or style you want. You can comb back the hair, part it in the middle
can be curled or updo, or whatever you want. With the Lace Wig you can do everything you can (or could) with your own hair: shower, sleep, wash, swim!
Lace wigs are available in synthetic, human and brazilian virgin hair !!

The advantage of 100% human hair wigs is that the wig looks more natural, the wig lasts longer and you can wear it in many different ways.
You can chemically treat the wigs and make them according to your wishes. Most wigs are made of synthetic or human hair on an air permeable non-woven cap. The cap is not heavy weight and is well air permeable, this limits perspiration and leads to less irritation.
If you want to fix the wig a little better, we also offer adhesives that have been specially developed to attach the lace wig.
The brands we offer are Esha, Boldhold, Ghost Bond,

Braiding hair

Kanekalon hair is regularly used to make beautiful braids. It
hair is synthetic and comes in different colors and sizes. You can join it
braids but it doesn’t stop there, you could also tuck your hair in with
a crochet hook in the braid.
The ways you can wear your hair through this hair is
From box braids to cornrows to half braided in the most unusual colors, the
is all possible.
The brands we offer are X-pression, FreeTress, Cherish and many more!




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