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For the hair

For the hair

No Silicones, No Sulfates, Curly Girl Friendly Please!
Because we want to give you the best advice, we constantly immerse ourselves in our products. In recent years, a wonderful development has taken place in the hair community! Many brands are moving away from the chemicals and offering more and more products that are as natural as possible.

Chemicals such as sulfates (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) clean the hair and make the soap foam well, it feels like the hair is sparkling clean, but this substance is actually hard on the hair! Each wash strips the hairs from their natural protective layer and eventually the hair cork dries and breaks down. You will probably feel how dry your hair feels after using shampoo as a result of sulfates.

To prevent this, you can use a Co-wash, or use a shampoo that is sulfate free, rest assured! The hair is still shiny clean but this time without damaging the hair.

Silicones are in most hair products, they make the hair shinier and the hair feels softer and looks beautiful. Nothing wrong with that, you might think, but silicone gives the hair a coating that ensures that there is
no moisture can get into the hair. The hair may look very healthy, but in the meantime the hair is getting drier and drier from the inside out. Silicones can also make the hair very heavy, which results in limp and lifeless hair.

You can’t get rid of silicone without using sulfates, and because sulfates are so drying, it’s best to stay away from both!

Curly Girl Friendly

Hair health is central to the “Curly Girl Method”. Think of the absence of harmful elements such as shampoo, silicones, sulfates, heat styling, alcohol, perfume and sometimes even combs and brushes.
The method can be adapted to what works best per person, but it is strongly recommended to use products that DO NOT contain these chemicals.
The effect of using the Curly Girl Method can transform the hair!
Less frizz, much more curl definition, healthier hair, longer hair and dryness gone!


Beauty comes from within, and we believe in that too! Give your hair an extra boost with the hair supplements Sugar Bear Hair, the Mane choice of Mielle. The supplements contain biotin that makes the hair stronger from the inside, which gives the result in longer hair.
Sugar Bear Hair bears are 100% vegan and contain vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12 and are suitable for men and women.
You can easily combine the supplements with a hair oil. For hair growth we have Jamaican black castor oil from the Sunny Isle brand,
Mango & Lime and the like, we also have the popular Wild Growth Oil. Wild Growth Oil is a very popular oil, what makes this oil so unique is that it is made from plants! The oil contains several natural
oils that stimulate the scalp to produce new hairs. In addition to oil for the hair, we also sell various beard oils that stimulate beard growth. Do you want a fuller beard or are you looking for more grooming?
We offer beard shampoos, conditioners, beard balm and beard oil!
The brands we sell for beard care are Cantu, S-curl, BeardGuyz, Nyxon, Magic Shaving Powder, Bump Patrol, Alcoholade & Glacial

Do you suffer from rose itching and a dry scalp?

Healthy hair starts with the scalp, but it is very easy for the scalp to dry out causing irritation. The scalp is a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, it is nice and warm and the hair
cover the skin which benefits the fungi!
To treat the scalp, it is important that you wash off the products from the scalp with a good shampoo. We offer the Sulfur 8 brand. This medicinal agent contains sulfur and is a pro at it
fighting florets!
This remedy is also effective in preventing lice.
Sulfur 8 comes in an anti-dandruff shampoo, a hair grease and also in a handy spray that is very handy to spray between the braids.
If you prefer to try it in a more natural way first, we also offer Apple Cider Vinegar from the Braggs brand.
Apple Vinegar Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that brings the PH value of your scalp back into balance.
It also keeps the fungi and bacteria away.
Pure Tea Tree oil is also a natural disinfectant and is very common in care products.
To combat dandruff, you can mix the tea tree oil with almond oil. You could also mix a few drops in the shampoo.
The tea tree oil that we offer is from the brand Mamado and Yari.
We specialize in providing professional advice in the field of hair care.
We offer several international brands such as Mixed Chicks, Shea Moisture, Maui Moisture, Salerm, Kera care, Nexus, Wella, Keune, Motions, Organic root stimulator, Kinky Curly, Cantu, Profectiv, Shea moisture, Seda,
Mielle, Camille Rose, Mizani, Hawaian Silk, Aunt Jackie, and many more !!




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